What facilities will we be left with during the project?

A common question we get asked is what facilities customers will be left with during their project.  We do everything possible to minimise any disruption and inconvenience and take the following steps to ensure that you won’t be left without a working kitchen or bathroom.  We also ensure that your house is always safe and secure which is  important if you are extending your home.



If we are working on your bathroom and you do not have another, we will always ensure that your toilet is working at the end of each day.


First of all we’ll discuss what is essential to you. For example, do you need running water downstairs, access to a fridge/freezer or access to a dishwasher? We’ll then set up a temporary kitchen, including some of your old kitchen units and worktop space if needed. We also provide you with a Babybelling oven, complete with hob rings. Customers have sent us images of their Babybelling culinary creations including this sponge cake!


Most of the time, until we breakthrough into the main house, you will still have access to most of your home. All breakthroughs are discussed with you beforehand so you know what is happening and when.  We can then work out what facilities you require during this time.