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Rachel Astley

Hi, I’m Rachel Astley and I’m a Director at Adamson's. I'm in charge of ensuring that people - just like you - know what we do and how we can help create your dream home. It's a job I love, and a business I've been involved in for a very long time.

You see, I’m immensely proud to say that Adamson’s was started over 30 years ago by my dad, Colin Moors – and although we’ve grown over the years, we still have proper family values at our heart.

What this means for you is we never forget it’s your home we’re working in.

It’s why we place importance on the little things – like removing dirty work boots or tidying up as best we can at the end of the day.

After all, your home is your private sanctuary. It’s your very own “safe haven” where you can shut out the rest of the world and just be you. It’s your place to relax, entertain and create memories. And because you work hard, you deserve your home to be just perfect – and that’s exactly what Adamson’s can help you achieve.

A family adventure that’s still evolving after three decades

30 years on, and my dad is still a huge driving force behind the business. For example, he was the brains behind our diversification into luxury interiors. It was his vision that Adamson’s should be a “one-stop for north-west homeowners.” A place where home improvements could be managed from start to finish - that’s design, planning, building, interiors plus the finishing touches – and that’s what we now offer.

And myself? Well, I’ve been involved with Adamson’s since I was seven (and no, that's not a misprint!)

As a child, I loved watching my dad establish his construction business from our spare bedroom – the very room that used to house bikes, dolls prams and other kiddies' paraphernalia belonging to my younger sister and me! But the best bit was “helping” (or perhaps hindering!) the unloading of lengths of timber, or even a bag of nails from the delivery truck and carrying them up the steep drive to the garage for safe storage. I can still remember how important I felt, and I treasure my part in helping to nurture our fledgling business all those years ago.

“To offer a superb level of customer service and quality, taking care of every project from the essential paperwork and planning consent right through to the happy hand-over of a beautiful, bespoke design and build solution.”

But don’t take our word for it. Instead, check out the scores of testimonials we’ve received over the years, which show just what’s possible for your home with the Adamson’s touch…

You promised a first class job carried out by professional tradesmen with minimum disruption and that’s exactly what we’ve got!  I think Simon could teach most of British industry a thing or two about project management!

Ruth & Martin Durrell, Cheshire

Step closer to your dream home – you deserve it

If you live in Cheshire or the Greater Manchester area, we’d be delighted to visit you and show you what’s possible for your home. Please take advantage of our FREE DESIGN VISITS, where our skilled designer will spend time understanding what you’d like to create, and discuss possibilities with you. They’ll even create some rough pencil sketches - there and then - so you can start to see your dream come to life.

Meet the Adamson Team who make the magic happen . . .

Colin Moors

Managing Director

Colin Moors established Adamson Construction in 1983 and is still the driving force and the brains behind our 1997 diversification into luxury interiors.

Colin - Adamsons

Mark O’Brien

Installations Manager

Mark oversees installations and looks after all the technical aspects of Adamson including the drawing office and warehousing.

Mark - Adamsons

Paul Hopkinson

Architectural Designer

Former Manchester City footballer, Paul brings precision, focus and skill to every aspect of an Adamson project.

Paul - Adamsons

Garry Curral

Architectural Designer

With great technical knowledge, Garry is involved in both Construction and Interiors with no detail too small to escape his keen eye.

Garry - Adamsons

Kelvin Thornton

Architectural Designer

Kelvin designs spaces in properties using his construction knowledge and experience managing projects.  As well as being a keen golfer Kelvin likes to travel to destinations to do a spot of deep sea fishing offshore from boats.


Erick Cabrera

Architectural Surveyor

Erick was originally born in Peru. He is a very creative person with a passion for architecture. He loves still photography with a particular interest in landscape.


Adam Morrison

Architectural Surveyor

Adam joined our pre-build team in 2015 after finishing his architectural studies. He has a passion for design and is interested in all elements of the construction process.  In his spare time Adam likes to try to lead an active lifestyle with regular visits to the gym.


Steve Ryan

Installations Manager

Steve provides efficient and effective site supervision. All of our work crews and individuals on site take their direction from Steve, who is responsible for knowing what work must be done. With 2 small children, his skills are often tested at home too.


Dee Barber

Purchasing Assistant

Dee oversees supply chain management and procurement.  She is responsible for buying the best quality equipment, goods and services at the most competitive prices.  Dee also coaches junior football for her local football club.

Dee Barber

Laura Brown

Marketing Assistant

Laura looks after all our marketing, from social media to advertising and everything in between.    


Maxine Cross

Office Manager

Maxine keeps the paperwork process for Adamsons ticking over, a task kept under control with excellent systems and procedures. Maxine’s biggest hobby is following Formula 1 racing and she travels around the world to attend grand prix.  She also loves to dance!

Maxine - Adamsons

Christine Kennedy


Our super receptionist Christine is the first face you will see when you visit us at the showroom.  She is also responsible for the typing of contracts and collating and issuing final certificates and customer liaison.  In her spare time, Christine enjoys going to the gym, gardening and floristry.


Linda Mallon

Accounts Assistant

Linda deals with all aspects of accounts in the office and in her spare time enjoys fell walking, reading, gardening and taking part in pub quizzes.  She also has a grown up family and grandchildren she loves spending time with.


Lauren Marsden

Apprentice in Business Administration

Lauren works on all aspects of administration and also supports the aftercare team.  In her spare time she enjoys socialising with her friends, going to the cinema, and spending time with her family.


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