How long will my project take?

The time it takes to complete your project can vary greatly depending on what it involves.


Interior Projects

Interior projects take a shorter amount of time to complete than those involve construction work. To give you an idea of timescales, most projects range from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the amount and type of work that needs carrying out.

Interior projects can take longer if walls need removing or re-plastering.  This is also true if French or bifold doors are being fitted.

In kitchens, if you’ve chosen a granite or Corian work top, this has to templated and fitted 1-2 weeks later.

Likewise, if you’ve chosen a glass upstand or splashback, this can only be templated once the worktop has been fitted.  The upstand would then be produced and be installed approximately 2 weeks later.

It can be the case that the majority of the kitchen is complete and an extra 4-5 weeks is required to fit the worktops and splashbacks.


Construction Projects

Construction projects, such as one and two storey extensions are more complex and involve much more work.

A single storey extension usually takes anything upwards of 8 weeks.

More complex builds with a lot of interior work could take anything up to 6 months or even more depending on the scope of work.