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Nationwide Building Society Confirm The Adamson Difference!

Adamson’s can add nearly a quarter to the value of your home!

New research by Nationwide Building Society says that an extension or loft conversion, which creates a double bedroom with its own bathroom can add an astonishing 23 per cent to the value of your home. And that’s great news for all the Adamson customers who have asked us to extend or convert their properties.

While interest rates are low for borrowing, you can more easily afford this kind of improvement. It means you can stay in your home, enjoy a bigger space and avoid the hassles of re-sale while it’s so difficult to achieve a realistic selling price. It also can help you be active in avoiding negative equity.

It’s such a viable solution and a wise investment, why not let Adamson help you enjoy the dream home you’ve always wanted right now.

Here’s what the Nationwide had to say:

A 10% increase in floor space adds 5% to the price of a typical home.

An extra bedroom adds 12%

An extension or loft conversion with a double bedroom and bathroom adds 23%.

The 30% surge in re-mortgages confirms that home owners can more readily raise finance for building work. In fact 19% of further advances to existing borrowers were used to pay for structural improvements such as extensions and loft conversions.

More than 19 million homes could also benefit from at least one home improvement to help its energy performance when the house is sold.

Now you don’t just have to take our word for it. You’ve heard it straight from the mouths of the money experts!

If you have any thoughts about extending or re-modelling you home then we will be happy to help.  Please contact us at www.adamsons.co.uk/contact-us/


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