What does your front door say about you?

You might never have given much thought to the colour of your front door.  However, recent research conducted by London based estate agent Marsh & Persons alongside Pantone shows that colour choice can actually reflect an individual’s personality.


Here’s what the different colours say about your personality:



Elegant, prestigious, imposing, sleek and chic

Black front door


Pristine, simple, fresh and minimalistic

white front door


Classic and timeless so won’t go out of fashion

grey front door


Trustworthy and authoritative

blue front door



Quiet, calm and soothing

green front door


Dynamic, engaging and commanding

red front door


Dramatic and opulent

Purple door Adamsons


Warm, welcoming, cheerful and positive

yellow front door


Youthful and spirited

pink front door

Natural stain

Rustic and comforting

wooden front door

According to the study most people prefer their front doors in black, white, grey or navy.  Those buying a new house may be psychologically drawn to a colour which matches their personality.

It’s not an exact science but very interesting nonetheless!  We previously published a post about the psychology of colour around the home so if you found this interesting, check it out here.